Accidental Society


This project is probably the hardest to talk about. It is not a story of success it is a story of failure. Back in 2019 me and my soul mate Anton with whom I made the FIRM and Haze projects decided to jump into the Kiev and Berlin club culture to make something special in this field. We created the Accidental Society brand that we saw as a movement with the founding philosophy of living in the moment.
We created a manifesto of the movement which I managed to translate into video in two days using the footage I have on my phone and at that time beginner’s skills in Adobe Premier. I created the visual identity package for the first party in Kiev including a unique video for every dj we booked, content for the Instagram page and the concept for venue decoration. With high expectations we came to our first party and it was ok. Yeah, nothing extraordinary, it was just ok. It was the moment when we both felt that this project is dead. Maybe it was not the right time, maybe we didn’t pick the right partners to develop this project, maybe we gave up too early. Every time when I look at this video I have a bitter aftertaste of a failure that reminds me that not everything I do will be successful, I have to face it and keep on moving forward.